Beyond Urban Mobility

How to reach even the most remote destinations in the world









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We at Bareways want to bring advanced mobility services to all those regions & roads in the world that have been neglected up to now.

Today’s mobility services and smart vehicles almost exclusively focus on metropolitan areas. They assume perfect road conditions, ubiquitous connectivity and latest vehicle sensor technologies.

But did you know that 80% of all roads world-wide are unpaved? No matter whether you are an off-road enthusiast searching for the next adventure, or a professional driver delivering goods in the outback – the impact of road and severe weather conditions, vehicle parameters and your personal driving skills have a much higher impact than in metropolitan areas.

Management Team

Moritz von Grotthuss

Moritz von Grotthuss


Serial founder, lawyer, hunter, loves to be in the woods, Land Rover enthusiast

Sascha Klement

Sascha Klement


Serial Founder, computer scientist, dreams of travelling along the Transsiberian



Feel Good Manager

Serial Feel Good Manager, loves to sleep all day, dreams of the perfect rabbiting

We are hiring!

You don’t need to have solo-travelled the Siberian Taiga in your own customized 4x4 but some thirst for adventure, travelling and crazy vehicles would be great.

You should have some experience in software engineering, location-based services, machine learning or user experience design.

In particular we have the following open positions: